2 @ 11,000 BTUs


11 lbs.

What we like:

Super sleek and streamlined.

What we don’t:

Less robust and portable than the competition; no spot to store the regulator.

For those who are short on space in their car or storage for gear, GSI Outdoors offers a unique product in their modern and stylish Pinnacle Pro Stove. With just 1.4 inches high when closed it is a slim and compact stove. Pinnacle Pro is significantly thinner than the majority of two-burners such as that of the Camp Chef Everest 2X (5.6 in. ), Eureka Ignite Plus (4 in. ) and other above. However, you can still have a decent output from two burners that have 11,000 BTU, along with premium features such as a three-sided windscreen, two push-button igniters as well as a coated non-stick drip pan, which allows for quick and easy cleanup. We also have found the legs that are deployable to be helpful in bringing the stove up to a comfortable height while cooking on a table at the campsite.

Why is an GSI Pinnacle Pro ranked here? The reduction in weight and bulk nearly always leads to a decline in the durability of the stove which is why it’s no exception that the Pinnacle Pro is noticeably less in terms of strength and confidence than models such as those of Everest 2X, Ignite Plus or Selkirk with 540 points above. Furthermore, the screens at the sides aren’t very long and don’t offer much protection and the stove isn’t equipped with an easy-to-carry handle to transportation, and there’s no space to secure or store the fuel adapter while not being used. GSI has a cushioned storage case that can house both the adapter and stove however it will cost you another $30, which brings the total amount to almost $300. The minimalist design is worth that kind of a cost is entirely up to you We’d rather the more reliable design that come with two burners like the ones listed above (most of them are less expensive). Alternately, the Slim FLX from Kovea is a decent option at $145, as well as 3.3 inches of length when packed.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Pro camping stove

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