Grayl 24oz GeoPress Purifier ($100)


Bottle filter/purifier


65 gallons

Lamp life:

8,000 liters

What we like:

An innovative and easy-to-use purification system.

What we don’t:

Not super practical for extended backcountry trips.

Grayl GeoPress Water Filter and Purifier Grayl GeoPress Water Filter as well as Purifier is created with the idea of travel and light adventure in mind. We love the idea like that of the LifeStraw Go below, the Grayl replaces the myriad of awkward devices listed here–requiring a certain degree of pumping, squeezing batteries, hoses or even chemicals, with a sleek and elegant 24-ounce bottle. It’s also available in a range of colors, and notably provides purification in addition to filtering, has a great cap and drinking spout as well as a handy plunger that resembles a French press for completing the job. Remember that Grayl also produces UltraPress, a 16.9-ounce UltraPress, which features the same technology but with an easier (12.5 pounds.) setup.

Although it’s attractive and definitely useful in a variety of situations (think travelling in countries with less developed infrastructure or staying hydrated in camps) however, the Grayl isn’t without its limitations. The purifier can only filter 24 ounces (0.7L) at each time, it’s not a great device for anything other than on-the-go drinking water when sources of water are readily easily accessible. Furthermore, the purifier cartridge is able to last for a period of just 65 gallons that’s a lot less to the LifeStraw Go’s 4,400 milliliters. However, no other bottle filter compares to the Grayl purifier when traveling abroad and is a fantastic alternative to buying plastic bottles that are disposable. When backpacking, the use isn’t great.

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