Granite Gear Crown3 60 ($220)

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2 lbs. 9.3 oz.

Nylon (100D & 210D)

Versatile lightweight build.

Fixed torso length offers less fit customization than the Blaze above..

Like no other model more than any other model, more than any other model, the 60-liter Crown has helped put Granite Gear solidly on the ultralight map. In its third and fourth iterations–fourth in the event that you include the older Vapor Trail model–the Crown3 is among the most versatile and comprehensive choices offered. For starters, you’ll get numerous functional features, including Granite Gear’s trademark (and intricate) compress straps lots of mesh pockets on the sides and the front as well as the roll-top closure that helps secure the weight. We also love the system for fitting on the hip belt, which is adjustable to the exact waist measurement using Granite Gear’s Re-Fit system, which has been updated. If you can limit your pack weight to 35 pounds The Crown3 is a great choice.

The most recent version of the Crown can be described as the most comfy model to date with a brand new compression-molded PE frame as well as a foam-molded backpanel. Granite Gear also gives you the option of adding an aluminum stay to carry loads exceeding 35 pounds. This makes the pack a great choice for longer journeys and larger load. However, if you’re regularly exceeding the weight limit of the Crown3 you might consider opting for a more comfortable design similar to Granite Gear Blaze. Granite Gear Blaze above (rated up to 50 pounds.). Additionally, although the Crown3 is a fixed length for the torso (offered with three sizes available for females and two sizes for males) the Blaze comes with an adjustable design, so it’s possible to customize your ideal fit. However, at 6 ounces less weight, the Crown3 is an unquestionably excellent ultralight design and is among the most affordable options for the money with a price of $220. A final point for those who are true ULers You can take off the top lid and frame sheet to reduce weight further.