Weight per pair:

10.6 oz.


Telescoping (twist lock)

Shaft material:




What we like:

Incredibly lightweight and well made.

What we don’t:

Not too durable; expensive.

The telescoping crown, you can enjoy a thru-hike-ready Gossamer Gear LT5. Carbon fiber sticks cost just 10.6 ounces for the set (you could save even more weight by removing the straps) and keep the strain on your arms to a minimum. Contrary to the foldable BD Distance Carbon Z above the LT5’s telescoping feature will also provide a bit of sturdiness to pitch an ultralight tent. Together with a simple and sturdy construction and comfortable foam grips, you’ll get the ideal hiking poles to take on long hikes in which every ounce counts. They’re also adjustable, but the twist lock mechanism isn’t the one we prefer (we prefer the extra security of the lever lock).

Naturally there are some limitations that make the LT5 so lightweight. In the beginning, compared to other poles on the market they’re not very robust. It’s recommended to adhere to well-established trails and stay clear of too much snow. Furthermore, they’re a costly investment at $195 given their minimal feature set (the equally expensive Distance Carbon Z above, for instance, can be folded to form a shorter length). Also, Gossamer Gear is a company that is a cottage one, and we’ve observed the LT5 move out of stock regularly over the last few seasons. However, if you take proper care of them, and don’t use to travel with them they’re as good as you can get for a lightweight build. It’s important to note the fact that Gossamer Gear offers replacement sections of their poles if you break one this isn’t a common feature on the market.

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