Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Flash ($25)


2.4 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

Small, feathery light, and helpful flashlight beam.

What we don’t:

Not a great primary option around camp.

With just 2.4 pounds at 2.4 ounces, Goal Zero’s Lighthouse Micro Flash takes the ultralight crown in 2022. It’s the first thing to mention we’ll notice it’s Micro Flash is unmistakably basic with a lack of highlights and brightness when compared to some of the higher-end (and costly) choices in the above category, yet it packs an impressive punch considering its small size. The 150-lumen output, while not very bright, is adequate for lighting the area of a seating or tent (including the high and low settings as well as the option to switch only one way) as well as the built-in display of the batteries makes it simple and simple to see how much juice remains. It’s less effective in the flashlight mode, at 120 lumens however the function is extremely useful to read or even for escaping your tent during the late at night. At just $25, Goal Zero is a bargain at $25. Goal Zero is an excellent value , and an excellent alternative to have in your vehicle in case of emergency.

Unfortunately it’s true that the Lighthouse Micro Flash doesn’t stand apart in many other categories. The light weight and compact construction makes it suitable for light-weight backpacking trips (it’s similar in dimensions and design to a handle for a jump rope) however, the majority of backpackers will carry headlamps, and won’t consider this Goal Zero all that useful. For just 0.2 pounds more than Black Diamond’s Moji Above is the more tested model and produces a larger brighter, more luminous, and better diffused light for the same cost. If you prefer the compact size and shape it’s this Micro Flash nevertheless is well designed for the cost and weight. Great for camping by yourself or bringing with you for extra lighting at camp. Another ultralight (2.5 grams.) and compact alternative, UCO’s Leschi Lantern costs less at just $13 but it’s not as powerful and operates with AAA batteries. MPOWERD’s 20-dollar Luci Core Solar Lantern is another option that is popular, that comes with a silicone arm to make it easy to attach and has a integrated solar panel, however its 40-lumen output is clearly limitless.


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