1 lb. 1.6 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB, solar, and hand crank)

What we like:

A bright and thoughtfully built option with phone-charging capabilities

What we don’t:

A little heavy and pricey; solar panel sold separately.

For a fresh version of the camp lantern Goal Zero’s Lighthouse 600 is one of the most well-loved designs available, and with the right reason. The 600-lumen maximum output is stunningly bright and gives an even, beautiful light throughout You can even alter the brightness of the dial to conserve energy by using only half the lighthouse’s. Additionally the collapsible legs, as well as the built-in handle make setting up and storage easy as well as an included charging outlet in the front, which can power the phone or any other electronic device. Additionally, as well as being able recharge the battery using USB and solar electricity it also has a solar power source. Lighthouse has the ability to use a hand crank for making juice–a great and useful addition to trips that take you away from civilization (1 minutes of hand cranking can translate into about 10 mins. of light at low).

As we discussed in the previous paragraph as we mentioned above, the Lighthouse can be charged using solar power, however it does not come with a panel that is integrated like the LuminAID PackLite Max above. To give you an idea, Goal Zero recommends pairing the lighthouse to their Nomad 10, which costs around the sum of $100 (in plus of the already expensive cost of $70). Furthermore the Lighthouse is at the heavier and bulkier side of the spectrum, weighing around a pound which makes it less appealing than alternatives like the LuminAID above to transport out into backcountry. But it is a great option for camping in a car, and particularly if you already have an Goal Zero solar panel–the Lighthouse is a formidable and well-equipped option for those who travel in remote areas.



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