10’6”, 11’6″



What we like:

A well-rounded starter board from a reputable brand.

What we don’t:

Pricier than the Nautical above, especially when you add the fiberglass paddle.

Many new paddlers don’t care about the latest features or fast tracking, so we don’t believe it’s worth spending for a large sum of money unless you’re planning to increase the performance of your board. For those who aren’t experienced or new to the sport We suggest an option such as GILI’s Air A budget-friendly board of high-end quality that is comparable in several methods to iRocker Nautical above. Both companies specialize in stand-up paddle boards, provide excellent customer service and robust warranties that offer an extra sense of security in comparison to cheaper models offered by retailers like Amazon and Costco.

When Comparing the GILI Air against iRocker’s Nautical above and below, the Air is roughly the same size and weight. It also provides an identical paddling experience and is tacked on the same high-friction traction pad as the iRocker’s feature set that is essentially identical. GILI also gives you the option of choosing between an aluminum or the fiberglass paddle (the Nautical is equipped with the one that is fiberglass) In an update recently made, the Air comes in two sizes the 10’6″ that’s listed here is adequate for most paddlers however, you can move into the larger 11’6″ when traveling with a partner or with additional equipment. However, at $430 at time of writing (you’ll need to shell out $4775 to purchase the fiberglass paddle) It’s not going to be as good as the Nautical. However, it isn’t a bad thing to know that GILI gives a portion of the proceeds to conservation of the ocean and reef initiatives. To carry more loads and a boost in quality and performance, take a look at the Adventure 11′, which is also an excellent price at just 600 dollars.


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