Kelty Cosmic 20 ($170)

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32°F ISO Comfort, 21°F Lower Limit

2 lbs. 10 oz.

16.4 oz. of 550-fill down

Inexpensive for a warm and well-made down sleeping bag.

Decently heavy and not nearly as packable as more premium models.

For backpackers who are just starting out and with a limited spending budget Kelty produces affordable gear that will impress you with its superior quality. This Cosmic 20 is one of the cheapest down sleeping bags available on the market, definitely manufactured by a major company, but the ISO Comfort rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit will keep you warm in all three-season weather. It’s important to note that Kelty has updated the Cosmic line in the past with the most significant modification being a slightly lower fill-power down (550 instead of 600) as well as an affordable price of $170. With less than 3 pounds for the standard model It’s our most budget-friendly down bag to buy for 2022.

Be aware that due to the smaller fill-power it is Kelty Cosmic is not nearly the light or portable as the other premium choices in this list. If you spend more on it’s possible to get the Feathered Friends Hummingbird is about the same amount of warmth but is significantly lighter in weight, yet it comes in at three times as expensive and is more fragile. If you’re keeping an eye on their budget but not counting pounds it’s hard to beat quality of the Kelty line. It comes both in 40 degree and zero-degree variants.