Eureka SPRK+ Butane Camp Stove ($60)






1 @ 11,500 BTUs


3 lbs. 4 oz.

What we like:

Compact and decently powerful.

What we don’t:

Single burner is limiting and butane fuel doesn’t work well in the cold.

Let’s begin with the obvious that this Eureka stove isn’t designed for serious camp cooks or large-scale cookouts. But this SPRK+ Butane can be a budget-friendly single burner that can be used to be used for small amounts or as an alternative. The stovetop can easily hold small pans or kettles (up to 11 inches.) and is a great performer in spite of its tiny dimensions. It also has adjustable feet that keep the unit level , and the an inset style that provides essential protection from winds. In all this is a fantastic option to take to the table if cooking is done around the fire pit, but you’ll require an oven for things such as making hot water.

Like its name implies, the SPRK+ is powered by butane, a fuel that’s not as widely available as blue propane containers. Furthermore, butane isn’t a great choice when temperatures are cold (around or below freezing) and is therefore more limited than liquid-fuel and propane models in our selection. But it’s worth noting that this SPRK+ is extremely balanced for a Butane model, and easily beats Coleman’s famous Butane Instastart in terms of heat output as well as weight and wind protection. If you’re willing to accept the sacrifices when choosing this type of fuel it is worth considering the Eureka is a reasonably priced and well-crafted single-burner stove. Other top one-burner options to think about are Fore Winds’ sleek and robust Luxe Camp Stove and Snow Peak’s smaller Home & Camp Butane Stove (although both models are more expensive that those of the Eureka).


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