Floor area:

83 sq. ft.

Peak height:

76 in.


4P, 6P


16 lbs. 1 oz.

What we like:

Good protection, durable build, and well-executed venting system.

What we don’t:

Pricier than the Skyward above and less roomy than many other 6P tents.

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The New York-based Eureka has been active in the field of outdoor gear for more than 100 years (including cover for wagons used for carriages pulled by horses in the 1890s). The current range of Eureka’s products we love their Space Camp 6, which offers a comfortable interior and sturdy weather protection and durable. Ventilation and storage are the other main features that are included, such as 10 pockets along with the Eureka’s Air Exchange System that allows the user to alter the airflow at the top and bottom of the tent based on the weather conditions. It’s a good value for money. Space Camp does cost a slightly more than REI’s similar-looking Skyward 6 above while falling just a bit short of top height and overall the quality. However, it’s still a reasonable value for the amount you get.

It’s important to note that we previously had the Eureka’s Copper Canyon LX6 model previously ranked here and it was a bit cheaper than Space Camp Space Camp in price ($315 for the model 6P) and has more spacious dimensions, including a 100-square foot interior as well as a higher 84-inch height at the peak. But it’s this model Space Camp wins out in conditions of rain, with a fully-covered rainfly (the Copper Canyon’s rainfly only covers the roof) and a more low-profile design that is more sturdy when it’s windy. There’s also an additional door for this model, the Space Camp, which we find to be extremely convenient (entering and leaving a packed tent is much simpler). Both models provide a great mix of value and quality The final choice will depend on whether you value the overall size (the Copper Canyon wins out) against security and dependability (the Space Camp gets the thumbs up).


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