Fuel type:



3.25 oz.

Integrated pot


What we like:

Cheap and ultralight.

What we don’t:

Cooks slowly, messy and stinky, and no flame control..

For those who are going ultralight and don’t utilize their stove as often The Esbit is an excellent test of your minimalist inclinations. It is powered by tablets for solid fuel This system is extremely light and eliminates the necessity of canister as well as liquid fuel units entirely. Its most effective uses are as an emergency or backup stove, not as a primary stove. Some users even use it for hiking during the day to heat drinks or small meals. Given its weight and price it’s an acceptable alternative for these uses.

The weight of each fuel tablet is 0.5 grams and gives around 12 mins of burning time however cooking is not as efficient than canisters or liquid fuel systems. You also have no control over the intensity. There is also a sticky substance at the base of pans and pots caused by the burning of tablets. For a final point there could be restrictions regarding the use of Esbit and alcohol-based stoves in at minimum the one U.S. National park because of the possible fire risk (see our buying tips below for more details). If you’re interested in alternatives to burning fossil fuels, solid tablets are definitely something you should test. If you’re looking for a package offer, Esbit also offers the Solid Fuel Stove and Cookset which tip its weight at seven pounds all-in.

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