23 x 32 x 37 in.

Seat height:

3 or 10 in.


4 lbs. 10 oz.

What we like:

Adjustable leg height is great for transitioning from concerts to camp

What we don’t:

Less durable and harder to set up than much of the competition.

Eagles Nest Outfitters, better known as ENO is the first company to offer hammocks however, their experience has been incorporated into its Lounger DL chair. Like their hammocks and loungers, the Lounger almost cradles you from every side, and has an aluminum frame that supports the seat in nylon. In contrast to the similar-shaped Helinox Sunset above, the ENO features an holder for your cup as well as two cargo pockets and even a pillow to cushion your head when you recline. However, the main reason why that we have included the Lounger in this list is the leg system that is adjustable that lets you raise your legs (10 inch.) when camping or fold them in (3 3.) to take them on outings such as afternoons at the beach, where the height of the lower part is important (or is necessary).

However, despite its multi-faceted and fun design it’s not perfect. Lounger isn’t quite as good in a handful of key areas. Its first issue is durability. the 210-denier material, it’s noticeablely less durable and sturdier than our best picks. Furthermore the weight limit of 250 pounds is pretty low in this class and the large number of joints that are in the design suggest an area where it could be prone to failure in the future. The final issue is the setup time as many users have reported to be a little more than expected with the number of moving components. However, if you’re cautious about your equipment and appreciate the ability to adjust the height that it’s a good choice. ENO is a comfortable and useful option.


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