Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt 30 ($310)

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30˚F (also available in 0, 10, 20, 40, and 50˚ versions)

1 lb. 1.9 oz.

12.4 oz. of 850-fill down

Super customizable and great warmth for weight.

There's a wait time for custom models.

Some thru-hikers and ultralighters prefer a quilt for sleeping that have an open back design that is a wrap around the pad of your bed and cuts down on weight. Quilts are the staple that Minnesota’s Enlightened Equipment, so it’s no surprise that they have the Enigma on top of the list of 2022’s best models. It’s a powerful machine with 12.4 grams of down which is mainly concentrated along the sides and front and back of your body. Additionally, Enlightened Equipment quilts are made by hand and can be adapted to a variety size (16 combinations of circumference and length) and you also have the option of either 850fill down or 950 and a wide range of temperatures. At a price of $310 for the 30-degree version Enigma is a great choice. Enigma is our top pick for a quilt to sleep on.

We’re huge fans of sleeping quilts because of their flexibility and weight reductions However, they’re not an best choice for all backpackers. Its backless design isn’t a great way to shut the hatches down in frigid weather. Also, with no hood, ensure you have extra protection to protect your head (a cape-style or hooded down jacket would work). In the end, we’d be hesitant to venture out with the Enigma to the harsh winter weather even though we have people who use it (it’s available in a zero-degree version). In addition like for many cottage-industry brands make sure you account for waiting times: The majority of Enlightened Equipment items are manufactured to the customer’s specifications, which makes them ideal for customizing, however the products of larger companies usually can be found faster.