24 cans (without ice)


2 lbs. 8 oz.

Other sizes:

42 cans (26L)

What we like:

Sleek looks, functional carry options, and well built for the price.

What we don’t:

Less of a value than the Insulated Tote above; no pocket for stashing small valuables.

The Insulated Tote above is a great choice for those who require a way to keep their lunch and some drinks cold during the afternoon. However, their 18-liter Day Escape offers a noticeable improvement in overall performance as well as cold storage. Despite their similar designs The 18 L Day Escape is designed to keep ice cold over a period of up to 36 hours (compared to just 4 hours in The Insulated Tote) It also has a strap that can be removed that can be used for cross-body or shoulder carry and has a water-proof zipper (the Tote’s is the only one to be water-resistant) that is sealed securely and is much simpler to use than the other bags. Additionally, despite its elegant and sleek appearance it still comes with useful loops to attach gear for attaching accessories to the exterior (including Hydro Flask’s functional Dry Storage bags).

What makes us rank the 20-L Insulated Tote over the others on our list? Apart from being lighter and costing less , at 1 one pound 5.1 pounds and 65 dollars, it’s less rigid and simpler to fold down to store. The Insulated Tote has an outside pocket, which we believe is to be a standard feature that is extremely useful to keep small items organized on the daytime. However, the Day Escape offers good insulation and durability in a lightweight and attractive package that can be a winner for many. If you’re looking for portability for longer trips It’s also available in a backpack design with shoulder straps that are padded for the additional cost of $50. Another Hydro Flask model to keep on your list is the 20-L carry out that fills in the gap that exists between Insulated Tote and Day Escape with a price of $90. It features an all-around zipper that allows for quick opening and is certified to keep ice ice cool until 24 hours.


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