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The Aircontact 40+10 SL backpack is a perfect backpack for long-lasting hiking or traveling. Model with SL system for female ergonomics and/or men of short stature. This model has a sturdy material and the back with a Vari-Quick system provides great comfort and perfect adjustment of the height of the straps, even when carrying a lot of weight. The flexible belly (Vari-Flex system) facilitates movements and does not lose balance even on harder terrain and still distributes the load evenly, reducing tiredness. Vari Quick system that allows you to regulate the height of the back, for a perfect fit on the back. Easy belly fit even with heavy backpack. Belly with Vari-Flex system (accompanies the movement of the hips). Active Fit – Automatic adjustment of shoulder straps. Quick access through the front zipper opening. Removable cover. Internal compression tape. SL system for female ergonomics and/or men of short stature. Cover designed to allow better head movement. Telescopic cover, with two pockets. Adjustable cap height (gain over 15 liters when extended). Pocket, with zipper, on the belly, for objects of values and quick access. SOS label. Side compression tapes. Bottom compartment with internal separation. Compression tapes in the lower compartment. Compatible with hydration system up to 3 liters. Side pockets that can be used for bottles or even to place the tent frame. Detachable raincoat. General information: Capacity: 40+10 liters; Dimensions: 76 x 28 x 20 cm; Material: Nylon 100d ripstop; Weight: 2.1 kg; Brand: Deuter
Women’s hiking backpack semi cargueira deuter for trekking and hiking more technical aircontact 40+10 sl
Easy to use
Made with quality materials
Manufactured with great care and attention to detail

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