Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack ($200)




3 lbs. 8 oz.


28, 35, 42L

What we like:

Great organization in a carry-on-sized package.

What we don’t:

Expensive and difficult to pack well

It’s a great choice for travelers. Cotopaxi Allpa is not your typical duffel, however we believe it’s worth mentioning in this article. This backpack offers the convenience of carrying backpacks with the interior design of a suitcase, all covered in tough, durable 1000-denier polyester (with an optional rain cover) which is ideal for use in the outdoors. We’ve yet to find a duffel with this kind of organization the Allpa comes with a wraparound zipper which allows access to the inside with pocketing on each side to keep your clothes and other gear in reach. Two zippered external pockets as well as an padded laptop compartment (accessible through the side zips) complete the storage options, making the Allpa an excellent choice that can be used for anything from local travel to backpacking across Europe.

This Allpa can also be found in 42 and 28-liter capacities, however the 35-liter is the most adaptable model. We tried the Allpa 35L during a four-month excursion to Hawaii and came back with mixed emotions. Even after months of use, we were unable to determine how we could carry the Allpa effectively. While some compartments were full while other pockets were virtually impossible to use and in reverse. There were times when we put our bags in our bags and then realized it was not able to zip shut. The Allpa is still an interesting option for those who make the most of their duffels and like to keep their stuff organized. its 35-liter capacity is in line with the carry-on restrictions of most airlines. In response to the demand for the travel bag, Cotopaxi now makes the Allpa duffel that comes as a fifty- or 70-liter variant with a sturdy exterior, fun colors and plenty of storage. In addition, for an in-depth look at this type of bag check out our guide to the most popular backpacks for travel.


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