Coleman Triton Series ($90)

Calling all camp chefs: your portable cooktop is ready

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2 @ 11,000 BTUs

11 lbs

Excellent value and plenty of performance for most campers.

No auto ignition and fairly limited wind protection.

Colman’s Triton stove is a stunning cooktop that offers performance and reliability for an affordable price under $100. The tabletop model has two sturdy, highly-adjustable 11,000 BTU burners which run using the standard propane canister of 16 ounces (adapters will allow it to be used with larger tanks of 20-gallon capacity). With a decent simmer control and a solid output when tilted to full it’s a great choice for cooking. Coleman Triton is among the stoves within its price bracket that are able enough to cook a variety of dishes. Then the 11-pound weight and manageable size makes the Triton easy to move in a car , and then store at home.

What are the drawbacks of using the Coleman Triton? True camp chefs might want upgrading to better device that offers greater precision such as those of Camp Chef Everest 2X or Eureka Ignite Plus above. Additionally, the cooking area is a bit smaller than with the top tablets (the Everest and Ignite Plus include). It’s still spacious enough to accommodate most meals and easily accommodates two 10 inch pans side by side. Additionally, you’re not able to count the auto ignition feature in this version (there exists another Instastart variant that costs approximately $20 more) as well as the wind shields on the sides provide only some protection against wind gusts. This is a minor issue, but the Triton nevertheless offers a decent balance of value and performance.