Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern ($100)


4 lbs. 10.4 oz.

Max lumens:



None (liquid fuel/gas)

What we like:

A time-tested option for traditionalists and cold weather.

What we don’t:

Heavy, bulky, and gas-powered design isn’t as convenient as batteries.

Coleman has been a major participant in the camping lantern market for a long time as well the Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern pays tribute to the designs of old. Instead of batteries it is powered by batteries. Powerhouse operates on gasoline or liquid fuel that is unleaded and is perfect for winter activities that take the batteries out of standard ones quickly. To give you an idea, the lantern can last up to five hours at high or 20 hours when on low with either fuel. It also comes with a highly bright , 800-lumen lamp that sends out a uniform well-distributed lighting (the control knob lets you to control the brightness). Overall it’s a dependable and tested option for those who camp in winter or survivalists who are spending their time at higher elevations.

What are the disadvantages of Coleman’s gas-powered design? Most evident is the lack of convenience. Although most of the items that we have listed can be charged in the field using USB or switching batteries, you’ll need to think ahead using the Coleman and carry extra gas or fuel for longer trips. It’s undoubtedly heavy and bulky, weighing around 5 pounds. It’s also expensive at $110, which means you’re paying an astronomical price for a outdated and low-tech style. There’s no doubt about the durability and performance in cold weather However, we believe the majority of campers would prefer a more sleek and more modern version such as the BioLite AlpenGlow 500, or Goal Zero’s Lighthouse 600. Alternately, Coleman sells their Classic LED Lantern in 400 and 800-lumen versions The latter that has a striking similarity of that of the Dual Fuel but costs $25 less and comes with modern features like rechargeable batteries and charger ports for mobile devices.


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