Coleman OneSource ($75)

From light and collapsible designs to tech-heavy options with charging capabilities, we break down our favorite camping lanterns of the

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Rechargeable (USB)

A modern and tech-heavy option from Coleman.

Short run time and not as well sorted as many of the picks above.

Coleman’s propane-powered Powerhouse above is an excellent option for traditionalists and cold weather campers, but the company has shown they’re able to compete in the contemporary market with models like their OneSource. It’s one of only two 1000-lumen options we’ve reviewed (joining with the LE LED Camping Lantern above) The OneSource is extremely effective in lighting vast and sprawled-out camping sites. Coleman has also incorporated essential tech features, like the USB port for powering electronic devices and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. A nice addition to the battery is that it is able to be used to provide power to additional Coleman OneSource products, including their heated sleeping bag, blanketas well as LED flashlight, string lights-lit canopy shelters, an airbed pump, and much more. The Coleman OneSource is quite expensive at just $75, but the option of using the battery in other ways can make the investment worthwhile.

However, Coleman has a long way to go before it can match the innovative models such as BioLite, Goal Zero, and other. The OneSource isn’t equipped with a solar panel to charge off-grid The unit is heavier and doesn’t fold down to fit into the trunk or in a gear bin. The soft-grip handle, while well-sized for carrying, it’s not as comfortable with a tent loop as the handles on the AlpenGlow 500 and Black Diamond’s options. In addition, the it’s not a great runtime with only 2 hours on high (compared to 5 hours on the more affordable and powerful LE lamp above) Also, it doesn’t have the sleek and polished appearance of a lot of its hard-sided counterparts. Overall it’s a great product from the camp giant and particularly attractive should you decide to buy additional models from the OneSource series.