Floor area:

112 sq. ft

Peak height:

74 in.


6P, 8P


25 lbs.

What we like:

Spacious interior at a great price.

What we don’t:

Weather protection and build quality come up short.

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A lot of budget-friendly tents sacrifice the quality of their interiors, but that’s definitely not the case with Coleman’s Montana. The model is 16 feet in length, features the tallest peak of 74 inches (the sides are smaller) and has walls that are near vertical, which maximizes the amount of space available. A single door on the side is situated in the middle that limits the access and exit, however its sheer size model makes it an ideal choice for groups of up to six persons.

Who should purchase the 8P Montana? Families who go camping every now and then in good weather conditions are the most suitable. The tent is quite strong in the wind due to the many lines for anchoring the tent down, however its slender rainfly and a pricier construction is susceptible to let rain in (particularly when it’s aimed at the tent from the side). Also, you’re missing out on a vestibule. The front “porch” offers some protection but doesn’t cover the gear inside and isn’t big enough to have a solid foundation during a storm. In the end, so long as you have reasonable expectations, you can typically buy one at less than $200–the Montana 8P is an attractive mix of space and value.


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