Coleman Guide Series Dual Fuel ($190)




White gas / unleaded gas


2 @ 7,000 BTUs


12 lbs.

What we like:

Multi-fuel design and reliable construction.

What we don’t:

Lower overall performance compared with propane stoves.

Similar to like the Coleman Classic Propane above, the Guide Series Dual Fuel comes loaded with nostalgic appeal and solid performance. The reason it has become so well-known throughout the years — and what earned its place in our 2022 list–is the ability to operate on gasoline that is white or unleaded. White gas makes it more efficient in colder temperatures as compared to propane, and the gasoline that is unleaded lets you find fuel virtually anyplace. For winter adventures or long-distance 4×4 adventures The Coleman Dual Fuel is hard to beat.

What are the flaws in this particular stove? First, it’s the Dual Fuel shows its age with significantly less power than the modern propane stoves. Additionally both burners can be linked which means that the second unit won’t emit more heat when the first is operating at its fullest which could slow down your cooking time. The stove also features a tiny cooking platform with enough room to accommodate the two pans of 10 inches (the Triton above, for instance, is able to accommodate the 12-in. pan and 10 inches. pan). Overall it’s a good choice. Dual Fuel has its place in the world of serious adventurers, however most campers will prefer some of the other propane models above.


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