2 @ 12,000 BTUs


14 lbs. 13 oz.

What we like:

Functional 3-in-1 design and good output.

What we don’t:

Pricier but less premium than the Camp Chef Rainier above.

Camp chef’s Rainier 2X our top stove and grill However, the grill component consumes the majority of cooking space and limit the kind of food you can cook. Enter Coleman’s Cascade 3 in 1 Stove that solves our primary issue with it Rainier (lack of flexibility) with a movable grill and griddle tops. It’s a simple idea, however it’s efficient: If you’re looking to make use of an oven or two then you can simply remove the accessories; if you’re cooking your breakfast or burgers, set either (or each) of the cast iron plates on top of the burner and start it up. The Cascade is priced on the higher end, at $210, and quite weighty at 15 pounds and the 3-in-1 function can be a good reason to justify the price and weight.

Alongside being more flexible in comparison to the Rainier 2X The Coleman Cascade is also lighter by about a pound, and more powerful , with two 12,000 BTU burners (the Rainier has one 8,000-BTU burner and one 10,000-BTU). The devil lies in the details. Some users have reported food sticking to the tops of the Coleman’s accessories because of the inferior quality cast iron (be sure to clean the tops prior to use to ensure the most effective outcomes) Also, the side-windscreens are extremely short and not do much to ward off the forceful winds. Additionally, you’ll need have a level surface to cook on when using the accessory tops in order to keep the juices and grease from splashing on the ground (and possibly your clothing as well). However, if you are able to deal with these limitations and intend to make use of both the burners and accessories frequently and frequently, the Cascade is a well-designed and flexible choice. If you’re looking for more of a traditional stove the Cascade series comprises an affordable 100-cent Classic and upgraded Cascade 222 as well as the 3-burner Cascade the 328.


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