4.4 oz.

Max lumens:



AAA (3)

What we like:

Short battery life and bulky rear battery pack.

What we don’t:

Not as much tilt as other headlamps.

Coast Products is a company based in Oregon. Coast Products flies a little under the radar when compared with Black Diamond or Petzl, but they do have a solid line of high-quality headlamps. An excellent example is their HL7 Focusing: At an estimated retail price of $39 (on sale as of the date of publication at $32) The HL7 boasts a healthy 300 lumens, and comes with a user-friendly focusing ring that functions as a powerful flashlight that can be adjusted by twisting between flood and spot. The simple function is easy to use (unlike other complex headlamps listed previously mentioned) There’s no requirement to switch between different modes to switch between distance and proximity.

Why is the middle-pack finish of the Coast HL7’s focus? Its main flaws are its battery longevity and weight. As a reference it is that the Coast will last 70 hours with its lowest level (4 lumens) in comparison with the Spot’s lifespan of 200 hours at the same power this is quite a significant difference. This isn’t a great thing for a headlamp that has AAA batteries. In other words it, you’ll go through Energizers quicker than you could call them “bunny.” Furthermore We find the bulky battery pack on the rear of the headlamp to be a bit old-fashioned. However, Coast HL7 has a lot to offer. Coast HL7 offers a great beam that is long-range (over 400 feet, compared to the Spot’s only 328) It’s also doubt about the cost. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly light and aren’t willing to sacrifice performance The Coast HL7 is a brilliant and user-friendly light at about $30.

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