Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mt. Hood ($3,495)

From budget-friendly softshells to rugged hard-top designs, we break down the year’s best rooftop tents

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30.2 sq. ft.

55 in.

2, 2+, 3

Included cross bars and multiple accessory attachment points.

Not as aerodynamic as the Roofnest Falcon.

When it comes to hardshell models It’s hard to find anything more practical as Cascadia Car Tents’ Mount. Hood. Similar to it’s cousin, the Roofnest Falcon above, the Mt. Hood comes with an aluminum clamshell style that is incredibly simple to put up and provides more protection from rain and wind than the majority of pop-up or softshell tents. Inside, you’ll find an extra-large mattress of 3 inches and a quilted ceiling liner that provides an extra layer of insulation, and a multitude of storage pockets. However, the exterior is where the tent shines. The crossbars can accommodate additional gear like skis , or a small boat, and channels on the outside have the ability to attach the shovel, awning shower, and so on. As with the other CVT models this one too Mt. Hood is built using high-quality materials that stand up to rough roads and the night after night of usage.

The Mt. Hood is available at three different sizes. The inside footprint ranging from 47 inches to 57 inches wide (length is typical at 82 inches.). Its size Roofnest Falcon 2 is a superior choice for taller campers, with an additional 4 inches from the head to the toe and 5 inches more at top of the hood (55 instead of. 60in. ) however, the medium Mt. Hood is priced at $100 less and includes those crossbars (you’ll need to buy these separately from Roofnest at a cost at $195). Although the CVT isn’t as sleek than it’s counterpart, the Falcon 2 (11 vs. 6.5 in. packed heights) The good thing is that it will fit bedding once it’s packed making the process of setting up and taking it down the process much simpler. Clamshells aren’t as comfortable or adaptable as many roof tents however, for a simple and easy-to-use design and protection for four seasons it’s the Mt. Hood is a fantastic bargain and worth having a take a look.