. Cascadia Vehicle Tents Denali Pioneer Extended ($3,095) 

From budget-friendly softshells to rugged hard-top designs, we break down the year’s best rooftop tents

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59 sq. ft.

43 in.

2+, 3+, 4+

Massive interior with a room divider and separate entrances.

Very heavy and requires a large vehicle to transport.

A lot of rooftop tents claim to have four beds however they’re not. The CVT Denali is one of only a handful of models with a floorplan to support it. With a huge space of 59 square feet cushioning that is spread across two mattress, you can get what’s equivalent to two double beds. This can comfortably accommodate two adults as well as three (or perhaps three) children. Additionally, the Denali is equipped with an area divider, two access points (each comes with an individual ladder) as well as a spacious four-door Annex. CVT also provides a variety of options for customization, including an insulation-insulate winter cover and LED light strips and three distinct color options. Overall family members looking to enjoy the outdoors without losing the comfort of their home Denali is the ideal choice. Denali is a fantastically comfortable and spacious roof tent.

The most obvious drawbacks to the Denali is the cost and the size. With a price of $3,095 and 250 pounds, this tent is huge and will require an SUV or truck to carry it around. When it comes to competition there’s a lot you can save money by purchasing this XL model of the Smittybilt above ($1,499) however it’s sleeping area is smaller, at 48 sq. feet. In contrast the 87-inch version the 23Zero Walkabout below comes with a similar big bed (58 sq. feet) with a price of about $700 less than Denali. However, with a streamlined feature set, and no annex (purchasing it separately will cost approximately 600 dollars) It’s the more affordable package.