Camp Chef Rainier 2X ($200)

Calling all camp chefs: your portable cooktop is ready

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1 @ 8,000 BTUs, 1 @ 10,000 BTUs

16 lbs.

Hybrid stove/grill combo increases efficiency for more complex meals.

We prefer to purchase a grill accessory separately.

Tabletop stoves that are on this list have two burners that are standard, however CampChef’s Rainier 2X defies the trend with just one burner on one side , and a an aluminum grill and grill plate on the other. This makes cooking meals using multiple components faster and efficient. You can, for instance, boil the water to make tea or coffee in one area of your stove, while making bacon and sausage, without having to wait for the burner to go off. The most important thing is that the rest of the kitchen is organized, including the wind shields that protect you as well as a stainless-steel drip tray, automatic ignition, and excellent flame control.

But, like most hybrid stoves there are some disadvantages when you choose the Rainier 2X for your main camp stove. Particularly, the grill area takes up around 1/3 of the cooking space this can make it difficult in the event that your food requires more than one pan, pot or kettle (even one larger pan or pot could cause problems). For maximum versatility we suggest purchasing the standard stove with two burners (like Camp Chef’s Explorer shown above) and rearranging the accessory tops. For instance, Coleman’s Cascade 3-in-1 below lets you switch between interchangeable cooktops comprising regular grill grates, burners and griddles. However, it’s less expensive as the Rainier.