Camp Chef Mountaineer 2X ($390)






2 @ 20,000 BTUs


16 lbs..

What we like:

Confidence-inspiring build and excellent output for committed adventurers and overlanders.

What we don’t:

Extremely expensive and overkill for most campers.

The first thing we’ll do is address the big elephant on the block: $390 for the Camp Chef Mountaineer, Camp Chef Mountaineer is one of the most expensive choices that we’ve reviewed (tied to that of the Jetboil Genesis above) and isn’t enough for the majority of campers who are looking to get their camping fix. But for the serious campers who regularly go on excursions and make a lot of their camp stoves it’s hard to beat. The biggest benefit with this stove is its tough built with all-aluminum materials, which is much more resistant to corrosion and rust than many of the models available and is ideal for outdoor activities such as rafting and overlanding. The rest of the design is similarly excellently executed, with easy-to-use flame controls, a huge cooking area, and a stunning output from two burners with 20,000 BTU.

Along with the high price and the mountaineer’s aluminum construction and robust construction add a bit of weight (16 pounds.) and bulk, making it more difficult to store and transport from vehicle to your campsite. For the majority of camping trips We recommend an alternative like Camp Chef’s Everest as well as Eureka’s Ignite Plus above and below, which don’t have the bombproof design of the Mountaineer however they are strong enough for the majority of meals, and are priced less and weigh a lot less. However it is worth noting that the Mountaineer is a great choice for sense for those who camp in vehicles like vanlifers as well as those who have roof tents and the toppers for trucks (Camp Chef also sells legs that allow the unit to be freestanding). Overall, the sturdy durable, long-lasting design comes with some compromises, but it’s what makes it the most appealing feature for the Mountaineer and the reason it earned an entry in our 2022 list.


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