2 @ 30,000 BTUs


30 lbs. 8 oz.

What we like:

Great value for the output.

What we don’t:

Pretty barebones on features and bulky.

Regarding the performance of the burners You’ll struggle to find better output in the same amount of money as that of the Camp Chef Explorer. The 60,000 BTUs total of the two burners make an ideal choice for large-group camp cookouts, or for emergencies at home. The stove is also set up fast, and its sturdy legs can be adjusted to accommodate uneven terrain. The price is kept low The Explorer isn’t a lot of options: There’s no ignition button, and the burners aren’t as shielded from winds than the premium models.

The benefit of the simple style is the fact that Explorer is perfect for numerous accessories available from Camp Chef which include grilling boxes, griddles and pizza grill. Large dials are simple to operate and work the same way as a cooking surface at home. But unfortunately it’s not a way lighter than a home stove. The powder-coated device weighs 30 pounds and 8 ounces. The legs that are left behind can help reduce some of the weight however, the Explorer is not the ideal choice for serious campers. Larger groups may want to consider the three-burner model of the Explorer which provides the additional 3000 BTUs at around $120.


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