Floor area:

100 sq. ft.

Peak height:

80 in




25 lbs. 8 oz

What we like:

Fast setup and quality materials.

What we don’t:

Only partial-coverage rainfly and very large packed size.

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For those who want quick setting up, tents with poles that are permanently attached will reduce the overall duration by a significant amount. Caddis isn’t alone using this type of quick-pitch design, but we believe it’s one of the top available. Contrary to the popular Instant Tent from Coleman (not included in this) The main feature in Rapid 6 Rapid 6 is the quality of the materials. Yes, the poles are made of heavy steel, but the rest is very good at this price. It’s also huge inside 100 usable square feet due to walls that are near vertical.

What’s not to love about Rapid 6? Rapid 6? The biggest issue is the rainfly that only offers full coverage on two sides and doesn’t include an entrance space. If you’re camping in fair weather it isn’t a problem for the majority of people. The other issue is the big size of the tent with a 50-inch length. long, the Rapid 6 may be a hassle to fit inside a trunk. However, if you’re looking for an easy tent with quick installation and minimal limitations The Rapid 6 is a great option.


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