Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model 6-Person ($500)

Floor area:

90 sq. ft.

Peak height:

73 in.


4P, 6P, 8P


33 lbs

What we like:

A very strong, weather-worthy design.

What we don’t:

Heavy and not a class leader in livable space

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If you’re planning to camp in harsh conditions, Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model is a known success. With its strong hexagonal six-pole design, a full-coverage rainfly the thick flooring and fly coatings made of polyurethane as well as tough fabric The tent is able to withstand fierce winds (it’s tested for 50 mph winds) as well as rain or even snow. Additionally, it’s warm in moderate temperatures and has plenty of features. The windows and vents are able to be opened to allow airflow. The vestibule in the front is spacious and has plenty of pockets in inside to help keep things neat and tidy. It’s the REI Wonderland above has better design and organization, as well as more mesh for warmer weather, however it’s the Alaskan Guide is the better choice for staying warm in the middle of a storm.

What are the drawbacks in Cabela’s Alaskan Guide tent? Its hexagonal floor layout doesn’t make use of space as effectively than the tunnel-shape Wonderland. Additionally, at this price of $500 we’d like to see it come with aluminum poles, rather than fiberglass. The tent’s bulky construction will minimize durability issues, but fiberglass is more vulnerable to crack under stress than aluminum (it’s important to note that Cabela’s sells poles for replacement if you require the poles). It’s a bit heavy for the Alaskan Guide also is very heavy, weighing 33 pounds It’s an acceptable choice if you’re looking for an outdoor-ready design for your four-season camping excursions.


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