Fuel type:



0.9 oz.

Integrated pot


What we like:

Really, really cheap and still works.

What we don’t:

Inferior performance compared to the PocketRocket and similar models above.

With a price tag of $17 the BRS 3000T might not give you a sense of security however its performance compares with stoves that stand on their own that come from MSR, Snow Peak, Primus and many others. The basic design — we’ve seen similar models with the name Icetek Sports–doesn’t attempt to invent the wheel however, it does provide good performance and control of flames for backpackers who aren’t experienced. The stove operates similarly similar to similar models like the MSR PocketRocket above, running using propane or isobutane canisters. It comes with pot supports that fold and a simple control valve (note that you can’t use an ignition button that you can push).

With such a low price however, there are some issues with the design. The stove isn’t burning as effectively as PocketRocket, WindMaster, or LiteMax which means you’ll consume a fuel container in a lesser amount of time (this could add up, especially for longer trips.) Furthermore, the stove won’t perform well in breeze and can take longer to boil when running at full power. It’s also much less sturdy and durable as compared to the more expensive canisters that we have listed. If you have reasonable expectations this BRS 3000T is an intriguing alternative for those on a budget.

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