7.9 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB) or AA (3)

What we like:

A brighter and rechargeable alternative to the Zip above.

What we don’t:

It’s also heavier, pricier, and lacks the flashlight function.

Third Black Diamond model to make our list is their Volt which is a step above the Zip over in features and brightness. As compared against the 150lumen Zip and the 150-lumen Volt, the Volt has a much brighter 250-lumen max output , and comes equipped with a power port to power electronic devices. There’s also the option to charge the lantern using USB that means you don’t need to carry additional batteries and reduces the amount of waste. When compared to the Zip’s 12 hour maximum battery lifespan the Volt can run at up to 24 hours when operating at full tilt. It’s heavier by 5 ounces and is priced at an extra $20, but most will find the improvements in overall performance well worth the tiny slacks.

What is it that makes the Zip over the Volt? The most important reason is the absence of flashlight functions. The Zip’s pinpoint beam can be extremely helpful in the dark when doing tasks at camp, sorting through equipment, or going to the bathroom during the night. Additionally the shape of the unit is upright, which means it’s not able to match the broad and dispersed illumination of a traditional style such as that of the BioLite AlpenGlow 500 above. However, even though the Volt does not excel in any particular area It’s a quality product constructed to last, which makes it a mid-pack choice on our list of.


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