Black Diamond Storm 500-R ($75)


3.5 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

Great battery life and brightness in a relatively light and streamlined build.

What we don’t:

Not compatible with AAA; the Spot above is a better all-rounder for most.

The Black Diamond Storm as well as the Spot (above) were the most popular models in the headlamp market for a long time with their well-rounded and solid designs, until recently when the Storm began to feel outdated due to its bulky 4.2-ounce construction. The recent overhaul by Black Diamond has it back on the market to those who want more brightness than models such as those of the Spot as well as the Actik Core below. With a brightness of 500 lumens that extends to nearly 400 feet, you’ll get an incredible quantity of light in the smallest of packages, with a variety of distance and proximity modes including dimming and strobe features as well as green, red, as well as blue night vision. Black Diamond also tacked on an impressive 2400 mAh lithium-ion batteries (7 hours when on high, and 355 hours at low) and streamlined the Storm’s user interface with the most recent update which makes it simpler to locate your ideal lighting.

Apart from the 100 lumens however, the Storm does not have much to offer in comparison against the Spot. Yes, we would prefer more powerful (or similarly brighter) lights however, they all come with a few other advantages to them for example: The Fenix HM50R, for example is extremely robust, and the HL60R is extremely durable also bright (to the amount of 995 lumens). Then there’s the issue of the Black Diamond R-series of headlamps, which lack the versatility that comes with Dual Fuel technology (i.e. it’s not possible to use AAA batteries)–so If you’re interested in the concept of the Storm however, we suggest purchasing Storm 450 ($55) instead. Storm 350 ($55) in lieu, and adding the 1500 charger and battery ($30) in your order. However, be aware that the 450’s battery’s life (with either lithium-ion or AAA) is not as remarkable than that of the Storm 500-R. For just $30 more and nearly an 1 ounce lighter, we believe it’s worth the Spot 400 above is by much the most value-for-money for the majority of people.


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