Black Diamond StoneHauler 60L ($180)




2 lbs. 12 oz.


45, 60, 90, 120L

What we like:

Added performance with closed-cell foam and burly haul loop.

What we don’t:

Expensive and overkill for most.

The newest addition to the scene are Black Diamond’s StoneHauler it is a climbing version of the traditional duffel for outdoor use. Drawing inspiration from popular designs like those of the Patagonia Black Hole and TNF Basecamp, Black Diamond placed 5-millimeter closed cell foam inside the walls of the StoneHauler to protect against sharp equipment like ice tools as well as climbing cams (a good idea considering that our cams have made a hole in the bottom of the Black Hole). They also included an extra 2-kilonewton haul loop to give you additional security when you secure your equipment to a truck or mule (heck you can even carry the duffel up El Cap). Attach a tough 600 x 1500-denier body material with reinforced ends. the StoneHauler is incredibly robust and ready to take on the demands of your next adventure.

We’re very impressed by Black Diamond’s look and feel and think that the StoneHauler is an ideal choice for climbing, however the duffel could end up being too large for most people and the uses. The majority of travelers don’t require two kilograms of haul loop or the padded walls on the sides, particularly when the extra technology can result in a price increase (the 60L StoneHauler is $47 more expensive that the 555L Black Hole for instance). We’re also dissatisfied with the design that places more durable material on the sides of the bag, but in no way on the bottom. However, BD offers some attractive features to travel with, like three pockets with zippers as well as the laundry compartment inside and a shoulder strap that can be removed. Also, you can change to the Pro model (30 as well as 45L) that come with the laptop sleeves that are padded.


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