Black Diamond Sprinter 500 ($80)


4.9 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

Oval beam is great for lighting up the trail and taillight offers visibility.

What we don’t:

Heavier and pricier than the BioLite 330.

It’s the Black Diamond Sprinter 500 is specially designed for nighttime runners and features a well-balanced construction, a solid and steady beam to see the path ahead, and a red taillights that increase visibility. The most recent version comes with 500 lumens of illumination (almost double the amount of the previous models) and is equipped with Black Diamond’s Dual-Fuel system that gives you an option to use either a AAA-rechargeable USB battery or a USB-powered rechargeable one (the rechargeable battery is included in the purchase). As with Petzl’s Core technology this is our preferred power source: You’ll get all the benefits of lithium-ion batteries with the flexibility of alkalines. They are great for long-distance runs and hiking where you don’t wish to take on the burden of batteries and chargers.

The Sprinter’s one LED offers the perfect combination of distance and proximity lighting, however, without a specific flood mode or a red light options Its use is limited to use around the camp. Furthermore, compared with our top choice for running (the BioLite 330), the BD is twice as bulky priced at $20 more, and smaller and less portable for athletes with limited space (the rear light unit and battery are extremely large). However, there is a certain value to the bright oval beam for hiking and running and the red light is a plus in urban environments. Note: Black Diamond also makes the 2-ounce Sprint 225 for running. This eliminates the top strap and rear battery in favor of the less powerful, more compact and less expensive ($50) configuration.


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