2.7 oz.

Max lumens:



AAA/rechargeable (sold separately)

What we like:

Slim profile, easy to use, weather-resistant, and versatile battery design.

What we don’t:

Not yet time-tested; rechargeable battery must be purchased separately.

The Black Diamond Spot has always been a top headlamp for all purposes however, with the recent update and a new design, it’s more powerful than ever. The latest Spot comes in two models: the 400-R, which comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the 400 here that utilizes the Dual Fuel technology that can operate using either AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery (purchased in separate purchases). The headlamp has a slimmer profile (much smaller than the prior version) to reduce bounce and its weight is light at just 2.7 grams, which includes batteries. Additionally, the button layout is simple to operate (finally) and includes an enormous central button that can turn the headlamp off and on and a button that lets you switch between different modes. It also comes with a range of lighting options including the long-range LED to more soft proximity LED as well as red light to use in the camp.

Spot 400 Spot 400 is similar to the Actik Core above in its battery’s versatility, with the main distinction being that you’ll need purchase Black Diamond’s 1500 battery as well as the Charger on its own ($30). For $75 all-in the package, the BD’s full-package is five dollars more expensive than the Petzl one, and the requirement to purchase a charger is a pity because it’s an additional item to carry around and lose (Petzl’s Core eliminates the need to purchase a charger with the micro USB port built directly into its battery). Additionally to this, the Spot isn’t similar to the Actik it has 400 lumens, compared to the Petzl’s 350. However, the BD is equipped with an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating. It’s more waterproof than the Petzl. Additionally, we like the built-in battery meter, which gives an accurate estimate of the amount of battery juice is left. Also, a note that Black Diamond also makes the Spot 400-R ($65) that runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries however it isn’t compatible with AAA. The 400 (paired with BD’s 1500 battery) is the most versatile choice, and is Black Diamond’s most impressive effort to date.

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