Black Diamond Onsight 375 ($60)


4.8 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

Purpose-built design for climbing at night.

What we don’t:

Heavy and bulky.

If you’ve tried to climb at night, you’ll be aware that it’s not simple. The world shrinks to a single square foot the front of you and finding a most effective way can be quite difficult. However, a quality headlamp can create a night and day distinction (no joke intended) for instance, it’s the Black Diamond Onsight 375 is specifically designed for this purpose. Its standout feature is the two simple-to-use beams: in climbing mode, you’ll get 300 lumens of light dispersed to light up the space ahead of you, while the route-finder mode provides the 375-lumen beam that can be used to scout anchors or the way ahead. The operation is surprisingly simple by pressing a button to turn on the lamp and tap the technology at either end to toggle between modes.

Alongside the dual beam design and the other features, Onsight 375’s features are also impressive. Onsight 375 is well thought to meet the needs of climbers. Similar to the majority of Black Diamond’s new products, it has an rechargeable battery that can be swapped to three AAAs, which is a great option for those who are away for several days at one time. The IP67 waterproof rating means that it’s fully submersible and dustproof (great for long-lasting use) Additionally, the SOS mode can be useful in an emergency. However, at 4.75 ounces , the BD is much larger and heavier than the majority of headlamps on the market as climbers ourselves, we’re not certain what’s the worth of the additional features. If you’re planning to the night in your climb (that was the strategy of Tommy Caldwell in The Dawn Wall, after all) The Onsight 375 is a great special-purpose piece for a fair price, but we’ll go to the more lightweight options to use in emergency situations.


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