2.6 oz.

Max lumens:



AAA/rechargeable (sold separately)

What we like:

Gets the job done for just $20, or $40 with a rechargeable battery.

What we don’t:

Not super water resistant and few lighting options.

If you’re looking for a basic headlamp that’s handy at camp as well as around the home The Black Diamond Astro 300 delivers. At just $20, the Astro produces a highly practical 300 lumens, with the strobe and dimming modes, and can last for up to four hours at the most bright setting (140 hours at low). It’s also light at 2.6 pounds and with a slim design the Astro is lightweight enough to be unbenoticed when you wear it in your pocket or inside a backpack making it an ideal backup in case of emergency. It’s possible to spend a lot of money for a more powerful or more durable headlamp, but the Astro is an excellent value and will be sufficient for the majority of backpackers, campers, and hikers. backpackers.

The Astro was updated to the spring of 2022 and the latest version comes with the Dual Fuel technology, which grants the option of running on one of AAA batteries, or an rechargeable lithium-ion battery (purchased separately at $30). This is an enormous improvement over the previous version, in terms of its versatility and $50 is a reasonable cost for a rechargeable headlamp (on the contrary the rechargeable Astro 300-R is only $40, but it’s not an AAA compatible headlamp). It is important to note that for a price that is so low, the device , there are inherent flaws in regards to features and longevity the Astro’s IPX4 rating implies that it will not be able to withstand submersion however, it doesn’t come with proximity and distance lighting, or the red light feature that you see in the spot above. Its simplicity is a good feature for many uses, making it difficult not to be beaten by the Astro’s mix of cost and performance.


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