12.1 oz.

Max lumens:



Rechargeable (USB) or AA (3)

What we like:

Functional folding/hanging design, good output, and well-integrated tech.

What we don’t:

You can get more brightness for the same price with Goal Zero’s Lighthouse above.

The last Black Diamond lantern to make our list is the Apollo. As with the Moji, Zip, and Volt as well, the Apollo has a frosty globe we like for its evenly-lit, diffused light throughout the camp. It also has an easy-to-use design that includes an easy-to-read power meter as well as a single button to alter the settings. However, the main feature is the useful folding and hanging design that comes with an extra metal loop with a double hook on the top to secure to a tent or branch webbing loop as well as legs that fold beneath for putting the unit on a table or on a rock. With a decent 225-lumen max output and rechargeable batteries and a USB port The Apollo is a very well-appointed and extremely flexible option.

The biggest issue with the Apollo — and why we’ve ranked it here is the cost of $70. At the same cost Goal Zero’s Lighthouse above has more than double the power at 600 lumens. It includes an adjustable hand crank for charging the lantern when in the field. There is also the option of buying an additional solar panel as well, which is an important benefit for adventures off-grid when you aren’t connected to an electrical source. However, it is also lighter than the Apollo Lighthouse is lighter at approximately 5 ounces, and is significantly smaller in size, particularly with the legs stowed. If those benefits outweigh the loss in brightness is your decision however, we believe that Lighthouse is the better choice. Lighthouse is the best-designed model for the price.


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