2.4 oz.

Max lumens:




What we like:

Streamlined no-bounce design, rechargeable battery, and quality light output.

What we don’t:

Middling battery life..

When it comes to choosing the ideal headlamp for your job, running falls into an entire category. With such a bouncy sport, you’ll need light-weight lamps that are right next to you, and won’t change position as you move. Certain headlamps have been designed with runners in mind (like that Black Diamond Sprinter below) Our favorite model for 2022 will be the BioLite 330 with all-around capabilities into a slim and sleek construction. Its 330 lumens be able to reach as high as 75m in spot-mode in spot mode, and 3.5 minutes of runtime at high is plenty for the majority of runners’ needs (plus the BioLite is easy to recharge by USB).

The feature we like most about BioLite BioLite is its non-bounce design that combines the strap and the light into a low-profile unit to create a an elegant headlamp that is close to your forehead. Placing the battery at the rear is also helpful in keeping its minimalist design. Additionally, it’s extremely light overall, with just 2.43 ounces. It’s important to note that serious adventure racers, trail runners who want to tackle long distances are likely to require longer battery endurance (or the ability to utilize standard AAAs). If you’re in this group, then check the innovative, but costly Iko Core below. It’s not as good as the ease of the 330. It’s simply a great headlamp for you to keep in the home and at the campsite. We’re also big admirers of BioLite’s 200 model as well. It’s not as durable or bright but it’ll cost you just $20 and tip the scales with only 1.8 grams.


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