2 lbs. 1 oz.

What we like:

Inspiring mission and charging capabilities.

What we don’t:

Less cooking control and wood isn’t always readily available.

BioLite uses things a bit differently. Instead of butane or propane BioLite was created on the idea that you can harness power from your cooking system. The stoves utilize pellets or wood to run an internal generator that generates power for the fan to increase the efficiency of heating and draw energy to power electronic devices (you also have the option of pre-charging the battery prior to going out). This model, the CampStove 2+ is their portable model that has simple-to-read LED indicators that show the strength of the fire, power available and the speed of the fan. As an added benefit to those who are limited in space The BioLite reduces in size to 32-ounces of water when it is not using it.

As the primary stove to cook on when camping as a primary cook stove, it’s the CampStove 2+ is a good but limited option. It’s a basic model that doesn’t come with accessories (you’ll be required to buy an extra grill top for $60 , or choose the all-in-one package at a price of $250) The reliance on pellets or wood doesn’t give you more control over the heat and flame. You can also go less expensive and easier in this area with other options such as the Solo Stove’s Titan or Campfire above. However, you are able to choose between four fan speeds to control the size of the fire, and the possibility of charging your smartphone or other devices within the woods could be an added bonus for some.


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