Best Ultralight and Cushioned Hiking Shoe


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Trail runner

1 lb. 5.6 oz.

No (GTX available)

Plush cushioning makes these shoes extremely comfortable; grippy outsole.

Unfortunately, they wear down quicker than we would like.

Hoka One One used to be a niche brand that was targeted at runners, but this has drastically changed over the past couple of years and the brand has become an option for hikers. This is logical as more and many people are ditching their heavy boots in favor of trails runners and hiking boots and, if you’re mostly on well-maintained trails and don’t need to scramble around or carry the weight of a large backpack, this is our top choice. With a thick cushioning and light weight it’s the Hoka Speedgoat 4 is the most comfortable hiking shoe we’ve worn. the sole is quite smooth, and we’ve had very few complaints regarding the performance on trails.

What are the flaws that are present in Hoka Speedgoat 4? We’ve been awestruck by the speed with which they wear out especially the sole. In our local running shop one of the customers standing in our midst was shopping for new Hokas and commented, “I absolutely love these shoes, but am disappointed by how fast they can be packed,” which sums up our experiences too. Additionally, although they perform well on trails that are well-established but we walked them through a rocky terrain and discovered the limits. For a shoe designed for trail running The Speedgoat isn’t very secure on the feet and the stability is not always stable when tested. However, if you prefer to run or hike on trails that are well-established there isn’t an easier shoe to wear to do the job. One final point: Hoka recently released the Speedgoat 5 however, with a stiffer midsole with more overlays that are welded in the upper and with the possibility of a waterproof version We believe the 4 here is the most suitable choice for the majority of runners.