Best Stand Up Paddle Boards of 2022




10’, 11’



What we like:

Inexpensive and spacious.

What we don’t:

Multi-use intentions mean it’s not the fastest or most stable board on this list.

If you are looking for the ideal combination of value, affordability and ease of use for the best value, the iRocker All-Around tops our list of inflatable stand-up paddling boards to buy in 2022. In short this All-Around is the complete package for people who are starting out with a top-quality board made by one of the leading brands in the market and comes with the leash, the dual-chamber pump, a removable fin wheels, a bag with wheels, and a the lightweight carbon-fiber paddle. The deck storage is suitable for all purposes, and includes a selection of cargo bungees and D-rings and the spacious deck pad is able to serve double-duty as yoga mat. All of this makes for an excellent starting kit that’s sturdy enough to last for the duration of your paddling journey, whether you’re at the lake, in the bay, the beach, or taking a dip in the whitewater.

The All-Around provides a good middle between the budget models and high-end boards designed for serious paddlers with a price of only $375 on iRocker’s site as of the date of this article The price is reasonable as well. Be aware that it’sn’t exactly the quickest SUP on the market but you can have more stability by using a model such as that of the IRocker Cruiser (which is 22 inches. at the tail , compared to the All-Around’s 16-in.). The All-Around is a great option of a single tri-fin, or twin-fin setup (allowing the user to adjust speed and stability according to the needs of your) as well as the fact that paddlers with larger feet (over five feet 10 inches”) can choose the more sturdy 11 model. Additionally, being owned and operated exclusively by paddlers iRocker is renowned for its excellent customer service. shipping is completely free in Canada and the U.S. and Canada, and they also provide a two-year guarantee for their boards



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