Best Soft Coolers of 2022

From light and portable designs to burly options for days on the water, we break down the best soft-sided coolers

Table of Contents

30 cans (with ice)

4 lbs.

12, 20, 40 cans

A well-built and durable soft cooler at a great price point.

Only sold online; fewer features than the YETI Hopper M30 below.

The most effective soft coolers are lightweight enough to be carried around easily and keep contents cool for up to a couple of days and are simple to clean and can withstand repeated usage and abuse. The RTIC Soft Pack Cooler 30 Can is a great choice and combines impressive insulation capabilities and practical features into the form of a sturdy and luxurious. The outside is where there’s an impressively thick and durable nylon shell with a solid construction, and 2 inches of closed cell foam inside insulates sufficiently for day-time excursions or road trips on weekends. The final benefit is that the Soft Pack Cooler floats, which makes it an ideal choice for rafting, kayaking, as well as other water activities.

The RTIC isn’t perfect However, there are a few concerns after trying our RTIC Soft Pack. Like many soft coolers like the RTIC requires considerable efforts (and 2 hands) to open, however the zipper is strong well-built, leak-proof and is effective in making sure that cold is kept out. Another issue is the basic layout of the organization it has one compartment at the front, which restricts the cooler’s use in picnics and other situations where you’re carrying small non-perishable goods. Also, RTIC is a direct-to-consumer brand that only sells their coolers on the internet, so it’s not possible to walk into an RTIC store to get an idea of their Soft Pack before buying. These aren’t major disadvantages in our view and don’t hinder the overall appeal of a robust and solidly constructed cooler.