Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2022

Best Coolers and Ice Chests of 2022 From premium rotomolded models with excellent ice retention to wheeled designs for easy transport,

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52 qts. (49.2L)

21 lbs.

Great price, versatile size, competitive ice retention, and easy to transport.

Only sold online; injection-molded construction is less premium than rotomolded designs.

The top hard-sided coolers successfully combine capacity as well as storage capacity, portability, and cost, and the RTIC 52 Ultra-Light is a perfect example of ticking all of those boxes with a vengeance. Beginning with capacity of 52 quarts, it can be used as a multi-purpose 52 quarts of storage that easily fits into a trunk, yet provides enough space to accommodate two campers for a long weekend (for an example, the majority of options have either 65 or 45 qts.). Like the name implies, this 21-pound model is constructed, yet extremely light and easy to carry than other similarly size options, such as the smaller YETI Tundra 45 (23 pounds.). The last thing to mention is price: By selling direct to the consumer (and constantly offering discounts on the coolers they sell on their website) RTIC’s costs are substantially lower than many of their competitors including the 52 Ultra-Light weighing in at around one-hundred dollars less than Tundra 45.

What are the disadvantages of purchasing RTIC coolers? RTIC cooler? The first is the lack of convenience. While you could look at and purchase an RTIC cooler from YETI and a variety of other brands at the local outdoor store but you can’t enjoy the same level of luxury when you shop online with RTIC. In addition, the Ultra-Light’s injection-molded design means that it falls a little short in terms of durability all-around in comparison to the Tundra as well as other rotomolded models of premium but the advantages are lighter weight that is easier to manage and a less expensive price (for more information on this, check out our buying guide below). The RTIC is also a bit behind when it comes to ice retention, but the difference isn’t as dramatic as the price disparity could suggest. The Ultra-Light really is all we require for beach trips or summer camping and boating excursions and the combination of performance and value earns the top spot in 2022.