2 @ 20,000 BTUs


12 lbs.

What we like:

Quality build and excellent all-around performance.

What we don’t:

A little heavy and bulky..

The Camp Chef Everest is among the most well-known and tested models available in the field of camping stoves. They offer the best combination of cooking efficiency, comfort and superior performance. With regard to output, you’ll get two big burners that pump out lots for heat (20,000 BTUs per) however, they also offer great simmer controls to cook more diverse and complicated meals. With their most recent update (to”2X” model) “2X” version) the Camp Chef made the design a refreshing improvement with locking latches on both sides as well as a more secure screen, a slightly bigger cooking area as well as a more robust design with a more modern design. With a decent 12 pound weight and an integrated handle and handle, the Everest 2X is hard to beat.

The main issue we have with this model Camp Chef Everest 2X is the price of $190. We believe that it’s worth the price given the quality of the ingredients and cooking performance, however, there are many smaller more powerful, less efficient, and much less expensive alternatives that are suitable for campers who are not frequent. Some of our favorite models are those below: Eureka Ignite Plus, Coleman Triton along with the GSI Selkirk below. Additionally, the latest model is a bit heavier and bulkier than its predecessor however it’s still small and easy to move around (note that the regular Everest can be priced at $150). If you don’t need an independent build or a third burner to cook for an entire family We believe that this Everest 2X is the best alternative for 2022.


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