Best Budget/Beginner Climbing Shoe

Best uses: 






What we like:

A durable and comfortable shoe for just $85.

What we don’t:

Not a high-performance shoe.

If you’re just starting out as a climber or are looking for a low-cost shoe to get a workout in It’s not much more comfortable than La Sportiva Tarantulace. We will not fudge the facts. Our top feature about the Tarantulace is its price: In a time when climbing shoes are now priced at around $200 and up, the Tarantulace isn’t changing its MSRP of $85. It still ticks all the boxes required by people who are just starting out, with an unlined upper made of leather that molds to your feet as you wear it as well as a flat final and large toe box that provides excellent comfort, as well as a sticky but durable FriXion rubber sole. It’s the an excellent reason that we’re seeing the Tarantulace in the gym and at climbing more often than every other shoe.

A majority of beginners will not be discerning about their climbing boots in the first place, putting the durability and comfort of their shoes over performance. If you’re quick to learn or an athlete with a lot of strength, or are primarily interested in climbing you might consider beginning with a more specific style. We’ve discovered that the Tarantulace to be quite robust and insensitive. Combined with its roomy construction, this makes it a fantastic shoe for everyday ease (think moderate multi-pitch routes , or long workouts) however it’s not ideal for particularly technical or difficult climbing. The shoe isn’t without fault, and people who are looking for a price range won’t be able to get a better price (La Sportiva also produces the Velcro Tarantula priced at just $95). For a fuller listing of suggestions look at our post about the top climbing shoes for beginners.


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