9’, 11′


Tri (center fin removable)

What we like:

A great one-quiver board at an affordable price.

What we don’t:

Experienced paddlers will likely want a few more options.

California-based Atoll does not have the same range of brands listed above, but their 11′ long board has a pleasing combination of shape, size and cost. The Atoll is available in a variety of size, and features the look of a tapered nose, which is similar to the design of a tourer, but it’s proved to be a fantastic quiver-of-one option for paddlers of all abilities and sizes. With regards to performance, features and more you’ll enjoy stability, as well as the ability to track and navigate in rough water as well as 15 D-rings that can be used for transferring cargo and a hand pump with dual-action carbon-wrapped fiberglass paddling paddle with nylon blade, and a backpack with padded waist and shoulder straps, all for just $700.

In a marketplace flooded with choices With a one-size-fits-all style, the Atoll allows for easy shopping, but experienced paddlers may require more choices in terms of dimensions, shapes and features. Atoll has a range of additional options, including the kayak conversion kit with a premium carbon fiber paddle, a smaller river fins, as well as an electric pump. And they’re now selling their popular SUP with a 9-foot long children’s version also. But if you’re shopping for a fast board for fitness or touring paddling, be aware that the Atoll may feel a little less responsive than the custom-built competitors that has six inches of deck as well as 3 fins (the Red Paddle Co. Sport is 4.7 inches. with just a one fin). Its longer length and the rounded nose are more powerful than many recreational SUPs which makes the Atoll an excellent choice for anything from simple cruising to overnight excursions.


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