Chemical purifier


3 oz. (total for both bottles)

Treatment ratio:

30 gallons per 1 oz. set

What we like:

Light, cheap, effective, and won’t break.

What we don’t:

The mixing process is annoying, and the drops leave a faint chemical taste.

There are many chemical water treatment options available to backpackers. Each has each its own pros and pros and. For just 3 ounces, and 15 bucks, Aquamira is a liquid chlorine dioxide solution that destroys protozoa and bacteria and viruses. To make your water more pure mix 7 drops from Part A as well as Part B into the cap included and let it sit for 5 minutes, then mix the mixture into 1 one liter of water. After 15 minutes, you can begin drinking to protect yourself from Giardia bacteria, viruses and viruses, or for four hours to eliminate Cryptosporidium (that requires a lot of planning). It’s clear that this device is affordable and lightweight. It’s also unlikely to fail like the more complex purifiers and filters on this list.

Our main issue in using Aquamira is mixing. It is slow when you’re out on the trail, requires an effort when taking the drops out, and could cause bleaching to your clothing in the event that you’re not careful. In comparison to Katadyn Micropur above Aquamira is a lot more of a process however the good thing is that it’s much less expensive and is able to handle a range of different sizes (the Katadyn is a strict 1 tablet per liter, and it is difficult to cut in half) and is perfect for groups. Keep in mind that when you use any purification method that is chemical that you don’t get any filtration which means you’ll be drinking all the particles which make it into the bottle. This is generally ideal for clear mountain water however it is not ideal for people who get water from less or stagnant sources.

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