Altra Lone Peak 6 ($140)


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Trail runner

lb. 5.2 oz.

No (waterproof available)

It’s a thru-hiker favorite thanks to its light feel, cushioning, and wide toe box.

Roomy fit and flexible design aren’t ideal for difficult terrain.

As with similar to the Speedgoat above, the Altra Lone Peak was designed first for running shoes and has since evolved into a favorite for thru-hikers due to its sleek and comfortable design. In lieu of the rigid midsole and reinforced heel that are common with other designs The Lone Peak uses thick cushioning to protect your foot from rough terrain, creating the shoe being both lightweight (just 1.25 lbs. 5.2 oz. for the pair) and also protects. It’s also very comfortable thanks to the signature zero-drop design of Altra and an wide toe box. In fact this is the type of shoe we recommend for those who regularly are prone to blisters and hot spots.

For hikers who are thru-hiking among thru-hikers, the Lone Peak’s most formidable rival will be the Speedgoat above. The Lone Peak, you get features that are trail-ready, such as an integral stone shield, integrated drainage ports and a gaiter trap. The shorter height of the stack will also allow you to be close to trails, which can increase the stability of many users (the Hoka can feel a slightly tippy and is harder to trust when hiking on rough terrain). However, the Lone Peak’s wider design isn’t for everyone. Those with narrow feet tend to be more comfortable with the Speedgoat, and there have been issues with durability in several versions that came with the Lone Peak (the rubber toe cap is prone to fall off of the top). Both are excellent choices for people travelling light and speedy but a final choice is likely to be determined by your personal preferences in terms of the fit and cushioning.